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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Supported by Scott, arrives at the ambulance. The teen wolf has to go back for Jennifer and his mom. Stiles alerts his BFF to the fact that Kali has the keys to the emergency vehicle and the twins aren’t far away. Promptly forgetting this last bit of info, Scott runs into the morphed twins. Luckily, Mrs. McCall defibrillates the brothers, and they make their escape. Mrs. McCall is evacuating the hospital. A mild thunderstorm has turned



into a demon Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 wolf storm, complete with flood watch. In his niece’s hospital room, Peter is upset Cora hasn’t been moved yet. When she runs in to check on the patient, Mrs. McCall gets the shock of her life. “You’re supposed to be dead,” she tells Peter. “I get that a lot, actually,” he replies. Meanwhile, Cora is vomiting black blood. Who does she think she is? Gerard Argent? In the hopes she can get Derek alone, Jennifer Blake runs to her (ex?) boyfriend’s loft. Hopefully Scott and Stiles have texted him to let him know his girlfriend is evil. Actually, they’ve done one better and the teens are already at the loft, watching from the shadows. Jennifer tries to pretend she isn’t a mass murderer, but Scott unleashes a jar of mistletoe upon her. This brings out her worst side — aka, her horribly scarred face. Derek’s about to get all stabby with his claws when the English teacher tells him, “You need me.” She’s the only person who can save his sister. While calling to confirm Jennifer’s story, Derek learns from Peter his sister has been vomiting mistletoe. Worst Christmas party ever.   Derek starts to crush Ms. Blake’s neck, when Stiles begs him to stop. The sheriff is still missing, and Jennifer promises they’ll never find him if she’s dead. “Derek,” Scott yells. He can just shout anyone’s name and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing. In the car on the way to the hospital, a docile Jennifer tells Derek, “I don’t want your sister to die. You need to hear the whole story, Derek. You need to know how connected we really are.” Something feels wrong to Stiles, who says Jennifer looked like everything was going according to plan. Once inside the hospital, the gang runs into Mrs. McCall. “We’re here for Cora,” Scott explains. There are two more ambulances, the nurse tells them. They’re arriving in 10 and 20 minutes. Then she notices Stiles has brought her baseball bat for protection.

In the elevator, Derek holds Jennifer’s arm in an unromantic fashion. “I’m going to help,” she insists, promising not to run. The group sees a pool of black blood next to an empty bed upon exiting the elevator. Suddenly, Peter comes sliding through a pair of double doors on his back. The trip is courtesy of the conjoined Alpha twins. Derek wolfs out and goes after the Alphanstein monster. A transformed Scott runs in to help. While Stiles half-heartedly wields his bat, he realizes Cora is lying on the ground. With Peter’s help, he grabs the unconscious female werewolf. Scott tries to reason with Ethan and Aiden, but they tell him, “All we want is her.” Taking that as her cue, Jennifer leaves via the elevator. Kali and Deucalion stroll in to the hospital. Jennifer nearly runs into them and narrowly misses being impaled by the Alpha of Alpha’s hurled cane. We get a quick girl-on-girl altercation between Kali and Jennifer, advantage Darach. Scott and Stiles are clearly ditching school, because we next cut to Allison and Isaac at Beacon Hills High. While Lydia is relatively safe at a different hospital, Isaac realizes Cora could be in danger. Cool dad Chris Argent shows up at school to take Allison home but is easily persuaded to drive them to the hospital instead. And in such a storm, too! As if she doesn’t have enough to deal with, Mrs. McCall has to pull Deucalion’s cane out of the wall. Suddenly the blind Alpha is there to thank her. The nurse charmingly calls him “the bad guy.” “You have no idea,” he replies.

The twins have separated into two Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 bodies and are bickering. Aiden points out that Jennifer has the power to kill them and they shouldn’t hesitate just because Scott is in the way. When Derek finally catches up to Stiles and Peter, the teen goes off. “Your psychotic, mass-murdering girlfriend has my dad tied up,” he tells Derek, annoyed that Jennifer got away. Speak of the devil; Jennifer walks in, promising to save Cora and release the sheriff once she’s safe from the Alphas. Not willing to wait that long, Peter purposes tortue. Derek agrees. The gore-happy dudes are interrupted by a PA announcement read by Mrs. McCall: Deucalion requests the woman calling herself Jennifer Blake be brought to him. Everyone else can leave. Jennifer points out that the Alpha won’t hurt the nurse. “Scott, you know why,” she says. Then she tells a confused Derek, “You’re not the only one he wants in his pack.” According to Ms. Blake, “Deucalion wants perfection.” He’s only adding the rarest of Alphas to his ranks. That’s when it dawns on Peter that Scott is a “True Alpha” — a werewolf who can earn power by will, rather than murder. “Our little Scott,” he marvels. Is it just us, or was a prideful tear shining in his eye? But enough about all that. They need to get out of the hospital. Since Jennifer refuses to leave without her boy toy, Peter has to help Scott distract the twins. In order to take on the Alphanstein monster, Peter shoots himself up with epinephrine. While he and Scott are rumbling with the giant, the others slip out.

Derek deposits his sister in the waiting ambulance, but Jennifer’s discovered the driver’s dead body. “Julia,” says a voice from around the vehicle. It’s Kali. “It is you,” the Alpha says to the English teacher. Derek and Jennifer decide to book it for the elevator. Though they reach it in time, Deucalion shuts off power, trapping them there. As a “gesture of good will,” Deucalion lets Mrs. McCall run. He tells her to be careful in a creepy, knowing fashion. In the unmoving ambulance, Cora isn’t breathing. Stiles clumsily attempts the mouth-breathing part of CPR. This is a public service announcement: The American Heart Association recommends the opposite. You only need to do chest compressions. Despite Stiles doing CPR entirely wrong, he revives Cora. “The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake,” he says. We agree. And Stiles’s first aid certification needs to be revoked. Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Scott and Peter are taking a breather, hoping the twins will tire. Then they notice the laundry chute. Once they’ve landed in a pile of bed linens, Scott takes the opportunity to text Derek.Stiles opens up to the unresponsive Cora. “Maybe we are pretty much useless,” he tells her. “Maybe all we do is show up and find the bodies. I don’t want to find my father’s body.” He gets teary, but we don’t. Nope. Not at all. Random growling alerts Stiles to the fact that the twins are lurking outside the ambulance.  

The Argents and Isaac are prowling the hospital corridors. Where have you been? With his super senses, Isaac hears something happening below them. A weakened Peter, Derek and Jennifer are still in the elevator. She accuses him of thinking she’s evil, a bitch, and, worst of all, ugly.   Kali tells Deucalion he has a soft spot for Scott, but the demon wolf insists it’s all business. Then he accuses her of the same thing with Jennifer Blake. The English teacher introduces herself to Derek as Julia Bicari. “That was my name,” she tells him. Then she launches into her story: She was Kali’s emissary. The one the she-wolf couldn’t kill. In  a quick flashback, Jennifer’s face is covered in blood as the female werewolf stands over her.

Complaining to Deucalion in the present, Kali is saying she didn’t understand why she had to kill her emissary. “I did everything you asked,” she tells him, though the pack leader points out she did it to be with Ennis. It turns out, Kali just wanted her friend to die a peaceful death, so she never looked back to see if the job was completed. “My heart bleeds for you, Kali,” Deucalion tells her. “Apparently hers could’ve bled a little more.” A few months before her near-murder, Jennifer tells Derek, something happened to reignite the spark of druid power: a virgin sacrifice. The nemeton (aka, the sacred place for druid rituals) was recharged by Paige’s death. “You gave me power, just enough  to hold on to life a little longer. Long enough to be found,” Jennifer explains to Derek, as a flashback shows then-Deputy Stilinski discovering her, bloody but still alive. Scott’s a little creeped out Deucalion released his mom. When he hears sounds from down the hall, the werewolf gets lucky Chris Argent doesn’t accidentally shoot him the face. The story of why people kiss under mistletoe is a long and interesting one. And here it is, courtesy of J. Blake. It’s a Norse myth: Everyone loved Odin’s son Baldr, but his mom still thought it was wise to protect the lad. So Frigg. a goddess, got every substance on earth to promise to never hurt her baby. The god of mischief, Loki, wasn’t Team Baldr at all and realized Frigg had forgotten to ask mistletoe to take the oath. He made dart out of the plant, killing Baldr. A distraught Frigg said mistletoe would never be used as weapon again and promised to kiss anyone who passed under it.

“We were the overlooked. Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 The emissaries,” Jennifer explains, connecting the dots, we guess, between mistletoe and druids. Moving on, she was loaned power from virgins, philosophers, basically everyone she killed, so she could take down the Alphas. “You’ve killed innocent people,” Derek accused. Takes one to know one, she points out. She wants his help to stop them from hurting anyone ever again. The perfect time? During the lunar eclipse — when werewolves lose all their power.The Argents and Isaac are formulating a plan. Father of the year Chris Argent (just kidding, love him!) has no idea who Ms. Blake is, so Isaac explains she’s the “kinda hot” teacher. Allison pretty much rolls her eyes and says, “I have an idea.” Isaac gets in the Argents’ car and video-phone chats with Allison, who mocks him for being afraid. That’s what you get for calling a teacher hot, Isaac. The twins are still shirtless when they hear Allison’s footsteps. Kali hears them too. Now everyone is running… after Allison. Isaac sees the twins on his still-connected video-phone chat and drives toward the hospital entrance. Once everyone’s outside, Allison starts shooting arrows. Chris is double-fisted, shooting off rounds with his handguns. That always makes us swoon.   Mrs. McCall turns on the power, allowing Derek to start up the elevator. Taking advantage of their last few trapped seconds together, Jennifer asks him to look at her. She’s all scarred. After loading Cora into Chris’s car, Stiles stares at a form on the ambulance’s door. It reads: parent or guardian. He starts to run. Even though Derek is unmoving on the floor of the elevator, when Scott realizes Jennifer’s gone through the shaft the teen wolf can only think about his mom.  

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Cute! Isaac doesn’t want to leave Scott. But he takes off in the car after backseat driver Peter yells at him.   A panicked Scott meets up with Deucalion. “They’re gone,” the Alpha says of Jennifer and Mrs. McCall. “I could’ve told you what it meant,” he adds. “Let’s help each other.” Scott walks toward the demon wolf, convinced he can get his mom and the sheriff back. “Don’t do this,” pleads Stiles, coming up behind them. “Don’t go with him.” Scott says he has no choice: “I’m gonna find your dad. I promise.” “Scott!” shouts Stiles; unlike his best friend, he doesn’t have the power to stop people just by saying their name. Mrs. McCall is breathing heavily. “Hey,” says Stilinski, nonchalantly. They’re in some sort of dimly lit basement. Why he’s still alive, we don’t know but we’ll take it. The sheriff tells Scott’s mom they’re in what he thinks is a root cellar. “She called it something different,” he adds. “She called it nemeton.” Next week, Cora is still sickly and Chris Argent might be “one of them.” No! We trusted you and lusted after your gun-firing skills. Wait. Who is “them”?

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 life finally out of the business, while Hank struggles with a shocking lead. Fans know that this lead will most likely be right where episode 8, “Gliding Over All,” left off - with Hank discovering that Walt is Heisenberg. The first episode in Breaking Bad’s two-part fifth season, which aired over a year ago now,

began with a Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 tantalizing prologue: Walter White, his hair regrown, a scruffy full beard across his grim face, eating at a Denny’s. It is his 52nd birthday (so we’re a good year in the “future”); he’s traveling the Southwest from New Hampshire, according to this driver’s license and his car’s plates. And in that restaurant’s bathroom, he makes a purchase: an M60 machine gun. That prologue was never hinted at again in the episodes that followed, but there is a mirror image of it in the first scene of the season’s back half — a scene that follows Walt back to what was once his Albuquerque home, and makes clear precisely how far he’s fallen. Of course, that heavy weapon in the trunk was the first thing viewers remembered when the partial season came to a close last fall, with Hank discovering that engraved copy of Leaves of Grass among Walt and Skyler’s toilet reading, and the sudden realization that, wrap-up montages to the contrary, Walter White wasn’t going to get away clean after all.

But we knew that. Vince Gilligan and his writers tipped their hand right away, clear back in that opening, and what remains of the White home in episode nine, “Bloody Money,” confirms it. Deeper in the episode, once the timeline returns to the point where we left off, proper time is spent with Hank as he carefully pieces together exactly what he’s discovered, and who his brother-in-law is. (Perhaps the greatest pleasure of Hank’s character is how, over the course of the show, he’s become a great investigator — the hero of the story, going from the buffoon to the protagonist while Walter has transformed from hero to villain.) Those scenes are enjoyable, but in a peculiar way, because we are one step ahead of him. Yet as per usual with Breaking Bad, the thrill is less about what’s going to happen (we know at least the broad strokes) than how it’s going to happen.And beyond the obvious question of what will become of Walter White (gunned down by his brother-in-law? Dead of cancer? Rotting away in a tiny cell? Floating away in a boat full of cash?), and exactly how much wreckage he’s created, there is the matter of Jesse Pinkman. We’ve become so obsessed with Walter’s fate that we may not have properly considered his young protégé, who has still not recovered from the events of the previous season; we’ve seen Jesse burned out, a shell of himself, but it’s no longer the exception to his personality. He and Walter share a scene in the next episode that is one of their grimmest, full of lies and deception and accusations and things left unsaid. And, eventually, Mr. White just loses his patience. “You need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you,” he tells Jesse. “The past is the past.”

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 That line may well hold the key to exactly what these final episodes of Breaking Bad will be. This is a thoroughly moralistic show, and much of its genius lies in how stubbornly it insists on considering consequences. Throughout its run, Gilligan and his writers follow through not just on the logical domino effects of split-second decisions and rotten luck, but on the hefty psychological repercussions of its characters’ actions. The darkness behind these two men is considerable, more than any of us could imagine having to bear. Jesse can’t stop focusing on it, can’t let it go. Walter White is more than willing to; it comes easily to him. The question is whether his horrifying past is, in fact, just “the past” — and whether it is through with him. With Breaking Bad, television’s finest drama, winding up for the beginning of its final season this Sunday, Flavorwire is taking a look back at five years of America’s favorite meth-cooking cancer survivor, and preparing for the last eight episodes of his story.Emily and Matt, It’s an understatement to say that I’m looking forward to the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. I feel the same way as I did as a kid on Christmas Eve—I’ll soon know what’s been kept under wraps for so long. Only instead of gifts and lovely grub, this reveal will surely involve sadness, horror, and bloodshed. Still, like those long-ago Christmases, the anticipation has me goofily excited and, I admit, a little worried that after all that buildup, I’ll wind up disappointed.

At the end of the first half of the final season, Walt had mopped up the remnants of Gus Fring’s organization by slaughtering his men, and he had shifted from ruling the Albuquerque meth biz to conquering a whole new continent, thanks to Lydia’s business connections in the Czech Republic. He told Skyler, “I’m out,” and he seemed to mean it. And then Hank used the bathroom, read the inscription inside Leaves of Grass, and realized that his brother-in-law, Walter White, was the drug kingpin he’s chasing. My guess is that in the coming episodes we’ll move from Walt Whitman to another 19th-century writer, Herman Melville. Hank is Capt. Ahab, and Heisenberg is the white whale he needs to land. (Heisenberg even took away his legs—though in Hank’s case, it was a temporary loss.) After Episode 408, we talked about all the things that could go wrong with Hank’s pursuit—after all, it really doesn’t look good for a senior DEA agent to be so closely linked to an international drug kingpin. My concerns were alleviated when I interviewed Vince Gilligan shortly after that episode aired. When I asked him to describe Hank in a few words, he said, “Truth at all costs.” That doesn’t sound like a guy who’ll allow family ties to derail justice. It’s time to sharpen your harpoon, Hank.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 premieres Sunday, August 11 at 9PM ET on AMC. “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 returns for its penultimate season and will feature the final chapter in the Walter White (Bryan Cranston) story. We already received some “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 spoilers during Comic-Con 2013, but we got a mash-up compilation of scenes rather than a trailer that would hint at what to expect in the premiere.”Episode 9 titled “Blood Money,” will show Walt and Jesse adjusting to Since the synopsis says that Hank will struggle with the lead, could it mean that he won’t be taking immediate action and possibly try and help Walt out?” We agree that Hank will certainly won’t take immediate action in “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2, after getting over the initial shock, he will need to build evidence to demonstrate his suspicions and build his case. It’s no small matter to accuse his seemingly mild-mannered brother in law of being the most notorious drug lord in the Southwest United States.

NJ.com received a preview of the “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 premiere, “Blood Money.” They haven’t posted a full recap, but apparently after Walter returns to his family and stops being Heisenberg for a year, at some point everything goes wrong. In the first episode of “Breaking Bad” season 5 we saw Walter on the run eating a birthday breakfast at Denny, mournfully ripping up the bacon the way Skyler used to. He has a machine gun, a fake drivers license and an unkempt appearance so we already have an idea that things are going wrong for Walter. In the second “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 preview, we see more of how bad things have gotten. Walter returns home (we’re not sure how the timeline continuity is working here yet), he founds the house boarded up and fenced up. We don’t know what happened exactly, but it is clearly linked to his brother-in-law Hank discovering his identity as Heisenberg. Whatever has happened, it appears that Walter is on the run from the law and possibly rivals who want his meth again.At the end of “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 1, Walter showed little inclination for quitting his illegal activities entirely. It will be interesting to see what drove him to these circumstances exactly. As for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), in the “Breaking Bad” season 5 part 2 preview he still seems torn by guilt over the death of the boy who saw them at work in the train heist. He seems to be trying to spend the $5 million share he got the best he can. When it comes to the big plot spoilers for Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9, apparently it’s not a surprise, but it comes fast. NY Daily New reports, “The biggest plot development, which we won’t reveal here, won’t surprise viewers. Its speed and ferocity might. If this first episode foreshadows the other seven, much of the drama will be psychological. While Bryan Cranston’s Walter White tries to ignore the toll of his chosen course on those around him, the wreckage has begun piling up.” It is hard to say exactly what this is hinting at, but whatever it is, Walter won’t walk away unscathed. That we know.

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Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 1 three men back in action, hosting new looks at Elam (Common) and Thomas Durant (Colm Meaney), blinded by the light on his way out of the big house from season 2 finale “Blood Moon Rising.” We also get our first look at Louise Ellison (‘The Following‘ star Jennifer Ferrin), a smart,



witty and flirtatious Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 1 New York Sun journalist covering the “story of the century,” the building of the railroad. Executiving for Dummies book: Don’t schedule new primetime programming on Saturday. Just don’t! Saturday is the day when Americans go out and spend all night being Americans and celebrating the freedom of the weekend, according to conventional wisdom. No one is even home to watch television, so just air infomercials and aging sketch shows (and Rules of Engagement).

But conventional wisdom doesn’t set trends, conventional wisdom isn’t a maverick, and conventional wisdom can suck it, says AMC. The basic cable network announced today that it’s moving its Western drama Hell on Wheels to Saturdays for the show’s third season, which premieres Saturday, August 3. Though banishment to Saturday is usually seen as a death sentence, this is is in no way a demotion for Hell on Wheels. According to AMC, the idea is to make Hells on Wheels the capper on the network’s longstanding tradition of airing Western movies on Saturdays.

"A new episode of Hell on Wheels on Saturday night after a full day of Western fan favorites is going to be like the saddle on top of the horse," AMC president Charlie Collier said in the network’s official statement. Oh sure, but what’s going to be the cowboy, Mr. Collier?

Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 1 AMC’s move could be about more than just keeping a consistent theme, however. Television’s exponential growth in the last five years has meant a more crowded schedule from Sunday to Friday. Sunday night, where AMC normally programs its scripted originals, is a murderer’s row of quality television, and there isn’t a different day of the work week that’s particularly inviting for new shows. Logically, branching out to Saturdays makes sense with the economy keeping people inside more often on the weekends, DVRs time-shifting shows on viewers’ schedules, and viewers’ growing preference of online streaming. And Hell on Wheels, one of AMC’s lower-profile scripted dramas, is the perfect show to experiment with. After a few production setbacks that nearly saw the series scrapped altogether, AMC’s transcontinental railroad drama ‘Hell on Wheels‘ finally returns for season 3 this Saturday, August 10, as part of AMC’s big premiere weekend. The two-hour season 3 premiere “Big Bad Wolf” / “Eminent Domain” will pick up with Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) leading the transcontinental railroad effort, and we’ve got exclusive photos of Cullen, Elam and Thomas ‘Doc’ Durant back in the saddle for another explosive ride.

Season 3 of the AMC period drama ‘Hell on Wheels’ sees Cullen Bohannon leaving behind his quest for vengeance and and re-investing in the new American landscape. Picking up in 1867 with the transcontinental railroad’s third year, the new 10-episode run will feature the origins of big business, big religion, and the rise of Wall Street in the White House, all while Bohannon leads the Union Pacific in a breakneck race for production against the Central Pacific Railroad. Our exclusive photos from season 3 premiere “Big Bad Wolf” / “Eminent Domain” see the core  ‘Hell on Wheels’ season 3 will premiere in its new AMC timeslot tomorrow night, Saturday, August 10 at 9:00 P.M., but in the meantime check out our exclusive season 3 photos from “Big Bad Wolf” / “Eminent Domain” below, and tell us in the comments if you’ll tune in for the new season ‘Hell on Wheels’!

As previewed by the cast and crew above, Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Hell On Wheels’ season 3’s August 10 premiere (moving to Saturdays this year) will see the cast pick up in very different places, as Cullen Bohannon will be in a leadership position while racing the opposite coast to complete the trans-continental railroad. Along the way, characters have stepped up and gone in different directions since season 2 finale “Blood Moon Rising,” now facing the threat of more Native American attacks and wild animals.

Little else has been revealed of the third season of ‘Hell on Wheels,’ other than a meaty new role for ‘The Following‘ star Jennifer Ferrin, and the fact that Cullen Bohannon will leave behind his mission of revenge to focus on the railroad expansion, leading the charge of the Union Pacific against Central Pacific Railroad. President Ulysses S. Grant has been said to appear as a recurring character, but no actor has yet been announced to take the role.Though AMC’s period drama ‘Hell on Wheels‘ may have circled the drain for a bit, the railroad-building series will officially return for a third season on Saturday, Aug. 10, returning Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) to the fold for another year of high-stakes Western action. The first official poster for ‘Hell on Wheels’ season 3 has arrived on horseback, so will it get fans excited enough to follow the series to Saturday nights?It’s been a good long while since we’ve heard anything concrete from AMC period drama ‘Hell on Wheels,’ which since overcame its behind-the-scenes struggles to begin production, but most recently endured a minor setback due to flooding on the Canadian set. The premiere has since been moved to Saturday, Aug. 10, so what spoilers from the new season have we already gleamed in the first six episode descriptions? Hell on Wheels Season 3 Episode 1 The first two episodes, “Big Bad Wolf” and “Eminent Domain,” appear to double up on the same description, which likely suggests a two-hour premiere for the Aug. 10 debut. Meanwhile, it looks like Cullen (Anson Mount) and Elam (Common) will be spending plenty of time together across the first six episodes, while Durant encounters his own obstacles in getting the railway built.

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Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 when she started to lose herself. Here’s a bit more of Deb’s conversation with Dexter. Did Hannah dump them both in the middle of nowhere? If so, what for? Just to let them know she’s back and she can still get to them? Hit series Dexter is in its final season and



fans can expect to Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 see thrilling scenes in this week’s episode, with Dexter and Deb planning Hannah’s murder. Sunday night’s “Dress Code” shows that the return of Hannah is taking a serious emotional toll on both Dexter and Debra. We’re headed into the second half of the season for Dexter, and if past seasons are any indication, by this point we should be seeing the overall plot of the season begin to really take shape. All signs point to Zach Hamilton being at the center of that, as Dexter attempts to take the kid under his wing and be his mentor, or his “Harry.” The preview for Sunday night’s “Dress Code” indicates that Zach has some doubts as to whether or not he can control his dark passenger. That concern may hint at one of the biggest distinguishing factors between Dexter and Zach. When Harry imparted the code on Dexter, Dexter hadn’t yet made his first human kill yet, right? Zach already has. He’s indulged in the murder of an innocent person. There may not be any going back for him. And if the look he gave Cassie when he was knocking on Dexter’s door is any indication, he may have set his sights on a new victim.

Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 Here’s a clip that shows Zach seeming very anxious to make his next kill…
I will be very surprised if this kid manages to harness his inner monster. But it just occurred to me that Dexter could be helping to feed and strengthen the monster that may go on to kill him. Let’s say Zach does manage to live by the code. What if he decides that because Dexter’s a murderer, he should be taken out? Wouldn’t be impossible. The teaser poster for the series have shown us Dexter on the table, wrapped in plastic. Consider the series finale with Dexter laying on a table about to be killed the same way he’s killed countless others. It’s a chilling thought, but wouldn’t that be a darkly fitting ending? And then Deb takes Zach out.

Zach isn’t the only outside character addressed in the preview. As last Sunday’s episode revealed, Hannah is back! Unsurprisingly, Deb wants her gone. We saw a glimpse of Deb’s concern in the preview as she noted that asking Dexter to kill Hannah last season was about  The duo starts a plan to rid themselves of her. “I want her gone,” Deb says. “The moment I asked you to kill her was the moment I started to lose myself. And I’m just starting to get back. I don’t want to deal with this. I want her gone,” Deb says during a 30-second excerpt.”Dress Code” will also feature Dexter trying to teach Zach how he can control his inner monster. “One thing that you need to learn is what I had to learn, is to wait.” Zach is worried that he can’t control it, but Dexter insists that he can. “You’re going to get your chance Zach I promise. But the only I’ve survived this as long as I have it was by being careful. I am going to teach you how to do it. And then you will be able to do what I do.”In the teaser poster, Dexter is shown wrapped in plastic lying on a table, which may indicate a dark end for him, who has himself, killed countless others.

Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 Dexter season 8 has reached its midpoint, with “A Little Reflection” steering us closer to the Dexter season 8 finale, as an old friend appears to shake things up.

With the midpoint officially over, Dexter season 8 is closing in on its own destiny. We’ve seen the Brain Surgeon murderer plot come to an end, and now we’re beginning to unravel “A Little Reflection” on both Dexter Morgan and the series itself. Zach, a character we were introduced to last week is beginning to take the storyline into his own hands. We initially thought that Zach was a murderer from last week’s episode, is actually far from it. Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 Yes, he murdered Norah, and yes, he stalked another victim this week, but he’s doing it to save his Mother. Zach’s Father is killing his wife, slowly but surely. He’s a cheating scumbag and in return, Zach’s Mother is drinking herself to death due to the pain of their strained relationship. The truth became clear when Dexter had Zach wrapped on his table, and a little reflection was staring Dexter in the face. The pair of them aren’t so different after all.

Dexter was privileged by having Harry look over him, and guide him, to help understand and control his urges. Zach was fitted the same makeup, but has never had someone watch over him. Vogel was correct in suggesting that teaching Zach the code may actually be a great idea, Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 even to Dexter’s frustration. But now, Dexter sees it far more clearly. But, could this continue as the main storyline until the end of the season? We were puzzled as to whether Zach’s plot might finish off the last six episodes of Dexter, until the very last moment of last night’s episode. As Dexter and Debra shared a conversation at the episode drew its curtains, Debra felt drowsy and passed out. Dexter leapt out of his seat to see if Deb was okay, and out steps Hannah McKay off the porch. With Dexter also on the brink of passing out, Hannah says, “Hello Dexter…remember me?” She’s back, and back with avengeance? We’ll have to wait and see. It was a tantalising twist to the end of the episode which has given a better insight in is what to come to the remainder of Dexter season 8, as the finale draws ever nearer.

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True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 At least he’s up. Andy’s got a gun. We see Andy with a big gun. Literal piles of blood. Blood comes spilling out if something. A lot of blood. Sarah Newlin cowering. we also see Sarah Newlin cowering. Go Sookie go. At :29 Sookie does something very dramatic with her powers. True Blood” season 6 continues next week with episode 9, “Life Matters,” and on Sunday, Aug. 4, HBO released a new sneak preview



teasing what’s coming up True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 next. In this next “True Blood” episode, a desperate Bill (Stephen Moyer) tries to ferry Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), whom was left in bad shape at the end of the last episode, away from the faerie plain, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is having none of it. Also, Bill feels the pull of Lilith’s (Jessica Clark) sirens. Meanwhile, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) returns to Vamp Camp, looking to inflict some serious human damage. (Would you expect anything else after what happened to Nora and what they’ve done to Tru Blood?) Finally, in Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. The “Life Matters” promo, which you can check out above, offers a look at Eric back in Vamp Camp, ready to face the doctor, and as Bill sees the aftermath of, he’s going to be doing quite some damage. Meanwhile, Sookie points out Warlow’s in no shape to save any vampires, but they are going to need him and Bill really doesn’t care. Plus, there’s plenty of death coming up, Terry’s funeral, and so much more with only two episodes left.

True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 True Blood seems like it just started, but Season 6, Episode 9: “Life Matters,” is only a few days away — and it’s the penultimate episode! Yep, Truebies, that means this is the last episode until the finale, and this clip from the funeral definitely surprised us. We see two returns — Ms Fortenberry, Hoyt’s mom, who is still anti-vampire — and Sookie and Alcide’s sexual tension. Yes, at Terry’s funeral, they’re making eyes at each other. Apparently he dressed up for the occasion and she’s very thankful he came; in fact, they even make plans to see each other after.Sam and Andy do their awkward best to reach out to a clearly still anti-social, shell-shocked Terry. Hopefully, we’ll get to see how his buddies eventually got him to open up. There are only two episodes left in True Blood Season 6, and the latest teaser promo for the rest of the season has us more excited than ever to see what happens next. It’s also rife with hints about the end of the season, so we’ve taken a close look to see what we can learn that wasn’t already revealed in the Episode 9 promo. True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 The sun door begins to open. We see it at :05. Dun, dun, dun.

Vamps feeding. At :10 we see vamps feeding off of someone as they look up. Then we see Pam, mouth covered in blood, looking up as the sun door opens. Do they drink Bill or Warlow’s blood? (Maybe even Eric’s?) Blastoff! Vamp super powers activate at :19. Looks like Eric flying to us, but we’re not positive. Faerie portal fun. At :19 we see Bill thrown out of the faerie world. Jason with the therapist. Why is Jason with the creepy therapist at :22? And what’s with Pam’s ear splitting scream? Bill covered in blood. At :25, we see Bill collapsed, covered in blood. Bloody vamp. A vamp covered in blood (perhaps burnt?) holds a finger to her lips at :26. Who is it? We can’t tell. Warlow and Sookie. Warlow with Sookie. Well,  If you’re not already pumped for the last two episodes of True Blood Season 6, this new teaser trailer from HBO is sure to do the trick. This 36 second promo begins with images of the vamps in the sun room, with an intense voiceover from Sarah Newlin, who gasps out the famous verse from Psalms that begins, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” Nothing like quoting the Bible over images of desperation to make everything seem very, very apocalyptic. True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 After Sarah’s recitation, the teaser snaps into full gear, cutting between shot after shot of action. Some notable moments include Bill on the floor, covered in blood, Jason screaming, a burning vampire, Eric hulking out, Sookie getting her faerie on, and much more.

True Blood constantly shocks us, and on Sunday’s dramatic hour (Season 6, Episode 8: “Dead Meat”) we were thrown for a particularly crazy loop when Bill and Sookie found Warlow drained and presumably dead. However, that is not the case, and Sook may still become his faerie-vampire bride, after all! In the promo for next week’s penultimate episode (Season 6, Episode 9: “Life Matters”), he is alive and not-so-well, appearing in bad shape as Bill still tries to make him carry out the plan.

Sookie tries to defend Warlow, True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 to which Bill snaps, “I couldn’t give a s—t what kind of shape he’s in.” Whoa, now! Shouldn’t they be more worried about finding Eric than yelling about Benlow isn’t ready to help just yet? We do know that these two may face off in the ep, but c’mon — give the guy a few minutes to feed and recover. The synopsis also cites that, as we see in the preview, that Bill tries to get Warlow out of faerie land, but Sookie won’t have it. Sigh. These ex-lovers will never get along. Read on for the full Episode 9 synopsis and promo, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Warlow and Sookie, Bill and Sookie, and what’s to come for the reluctant trio. “A desperate Bill (Stephen Moyer) tries to ferry Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) away from the faerie plain, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith’s (Jessica Clark) sirens.”

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9 That’s very satisfying. It’s sad, but it’s fun, too.It’s a little bit the same with episodes, or seasons … you have a sense of where you want to go, so when somebody asks me, “Oh, did you always know how it’d end?” the answer is, “Absolutely yes and absolutely no.” The countdown has begun on the seventh, and final, season of USA Network’s “Burn Notice,”



and as fans will Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9 see in this week’s episode — the series’ 100th — things are going to get a lot worse for spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan, who also directed the installment) before they get better.The 100th episode, with the flashbacks to when Michael and Fiona met … we don’t think we’ve ever been so heartbroken at the end of a “Burn Notice” episode.When we first met Michael, he didn’t want to be in Miami. He was a loner, very much by choice, didn’t want any permanent connections with his family, with his friends. Now, he’s isolated from them, and he realizes how much he wants to be with them. Is that ultimately the story of “Burn Notice,” this transformation of Michael?

I think that this season, and the 100th episode specifically, really crystallizes this. Jeffrey did an amazing job of directing it and acting in it and bringing this theme to the fore. Basically, one of the questions we were asking ourselves going into this episode was, “What has Michael been doing for the last six years, and what does that mean for who he was before?” What he’s been doing for the last six years is forging bonds with people. He’s been helping real people in real situations. He’s made a family for himself. He has all of these relationships. And so, with the [season premiere], the idea was, now he’s going back to try to be who he was [when the series began]. Can he be who he was? What does that mean? When he comes back [to Miami], he sees his friends moving on, he sees Fiona moving on … I think the 100th episode is really about Michael realizing how much he’s changed, and how much it hurts to have gained a family and lost it. We talked about the story of “Burn Notice” sort of being the story of Michael learning to be a human being. That’s like the “Afterschool Special” version of it. (Laughs) But he’s a guy who came into the show very isolated and very much about doing a certain kind of job. And then establishing the human connections, he forges these bonds. He’s always explored the way that those human connections are in conflict with his life as a spy. In this season, that conflict is coming to a head. That’s what this season is about. I think it really starts with this 100th episode, where those two sides of Michael clash like they’ve never clashed before. You see just what a toll that takes on the character.

You’re a little more than halfway through production on the final 13 episodes … what’s the feeling on set, with the cast and the writers and the crew, with the end so near? It’s a little odd in the sense that you’re running right through to the end, and indeed, like the end of every season, it’s always a mad scramble. I’d also say, this year, one of the things that we’ve been conscious of, extra conscious of, [is] that we’re coming to the point where writers who are writing episodes, who have been on the show since the first year, are writing their last episode of the series. So we’re taking a little bit more time with stuff. There’s really big stuff happening in every episode.

Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9 As we’re going forward now, things are taking a little bit more time, yet I know we’re coming up on the end. I go through these weird moments of sadness that I don’t have any time at all to indulge. (Laughs) At the time same, I’m really grateful that we have the chance to bring the series to a satisfactory end, and it’s a whole new way of thinking. To actually be able to think, “OK, so what do we want to pay off from these seven years? What do we want to bring to a close? How do we want to do this?” Are things sort of coming back around, and are we doing more or less what I imagined from the beginning? In many ways, yes. At the same time, the specifics are all new, obviously, and there are a lot of discoveries along the way. I had a kernel of an idea of how the series would end, and that kernel hasn’t changed much.

But there is a long distance between the kernel of an idea and the actual expression of that idea. That’s what we’re moving through now.I think Madeline is a character who started off the series not knowing what Michael did. Over the years, we realized, OK, well, she’s now done more and more, she knows more and more about what Michael does and what’s going on in his life. At this point, we can’t play clueless Madeline anymore. I think she’s evolved into a much richer and deeper character, who is, in many ways, Michael’s conscience, and his connection to humanity writ large. And I think all the characters’ relationships to each other have deepened. Actually, one thing that you really see has changed, in a fun way, is the relationship between Jesse and Sam. Jesse came on in a certain way, and he’s evolved as a character, and now, Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 9 everybody loves writing scenes for Jesse and Sam to do together. You see that in the [season] premiere.I’d love to do that. My main worry is that with both “Dexter” and “Burn Notice” ending, there’s going to be a horrific crime spree in Miami.

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Big Brother Season 15 Episode 19 multiple times a week, and only sort of emotes along the way. “Never in my life have I wanted to be a popsicle so bad.” —Jeremy, after watching Jessie dry-hump the life out of an inflated popsicle. During this little sequence, I felt like I was watching a really weird mating ritual that I absolutely did not want to ever be part of. The microphone helped Jessie’s…



uh… rhythms Big Brother Season 15 Episode 19 sound horrifying. “If all these competitions are gonna be messin’ up my hair, I don’t know. [PAUSE] I don’t know.” There are few shows I enjoy more than Big Brother. I’ve been watching since the beginning, which is more than half of my life, and it’s a big part of my summer each year. But don’t get it twisted: This show is so dumb. Or, rather, the people on the show are so dumb. The casting department knows what it’s doing, and it takes the “right” kind of person to want to be locked in an Twitter-less, TV-less and TV.com-less world for three months.

So while it’s worth pointing out that this season’s two big twists (that three houseguests will be nominated each week, and that one of them will be selected by a secret MVP voted on by fans) will actually make the game more interesting for the first time in a few seasons without bringing back former players, any sort of traditional recap or review of an episode that mostly featured people saying really unintentionally hilarious things isn’t totally worth it.

But you know what is worth it? Reveling in those unintentionally hilarious things. Here are some of my favorite “statements” from the premiere. Apologies to the houseguests who aren’t quoted—either the producers didn’t give you any screen time, which always happens, or you almost seem like a functional adult. And of course there were more gems beyond what I’ve included here; please share your own favorites in the comments.”I don’t even own a pair of overalls.” —Spencer, this year’s hillbilly and/or Bearded White Guy representative, in describing how he is not, in fact, a hillbilly. However, Spencer does have a mustache, and there’s a mustache room this season; it’s total kismet. “I like to look at myself in the mirror and hold my pec to see how hard it is.” —David, in what will be the first of many appearances in this space for him. Weirdly, I know exactly what he’s talking about here. “I don’t aspire to anything other than being the best pizza deliveryman ever.” —McCrae, echoing the sentiments of millions. I want McCrae to speak at every university commencement from now until the end of time.”I really embrace my Cherokee side.” —Jeremy, your bro who lives on a 25-foot boat and is like 23 percent Cherokee. He was first shown hanging out shirtless with his buddies (who were also shirtless), and was later referred to as Jacob from Twilight, but his almost-certainly racist calls actually recall another famous “Native American” male: WWF’s Tatanka.

"My secret weapon is a vision board of all the former Big Brother winners." —Elissa, sister of Big Brother sweetheart and Villain of the Human Race, Rachel Reily. First of all, shame on BB for dipping back into this gene pool. Second of all, that’s one of the worst vision boards I’ve ever seen. I know there are no wrong "artistic expressions" of "dreams" or whatever, but ew girl no. "I’m an alpha." —Spencer, who really wants us to know the things he is and is not. "I don’t know where I’m going, which usually isn’t a problem on a 25-foot boat." —Jeremy. Do you think he literally only stays on the 25-foot boat? Why would you constantly tell everybody that you live on a boat? Is this one long con to draw eyes to a Craigslist ad in which he’s selling his 25-foot boat?"…or should I be bro-bro with the guys?" —David, in discussing his bed-selection strategy. He considered moving in on one of the 81 female cast members who appear to be his type, but I hope he goes the bro-bro route. I want to go bro-bro right now.

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 19 "And these are real." —GinaMarie, grabbing her breasts, apropos of nothing. GinaMarie (the name alone), in a house full of horrible, annoying, loud people, is the most horrible, annoying, and loudest. Twenty minutes in and all the other horrible people already hated her; that’s some upper-level obnoxious game. She’s so bad she made the other girl from Staten Island cower. "I’m not gay, but if I was, I’d tear him apart." —McCrae, accurately describing Howard’s chiseled physique. If you’re currently wondering whether this episode was mostly about everyone talking about how they want to have some form of intercourse with everyone else, the answer is yes, yes it was."I’m feeling you two right now." —Jessie, during her "strategy" session with Jeremy and David. Jessie went on to discuss how great it was to be in "the most attractive alliance" ever or whatever, which was only the 34th time she mentioned physical attractiveness in this episode. Jessie is unemployed, by the way.

"It’s called Popsicle Factory, and here’s how it works." —Julie Chen, explaining the first Head of Household challenge of the season. I love Jeff Probst and his desire to stand up for the integrity of Survivor and cool-dad stuff like EFFORT and TOUGHNESS, but Julie Chen is the best reality TV host out there because she utters sentences like this,  —David, after being soaked and gooped and violated in ways only Big Brother can manage. The good news for my bro David is that the challenges won’t mess up his pecs, or his ability to see how hard they are. "Girls don’t like me," or "I don’t get along with other girls," or "Girls are going to come after me." —Like four of the women, absolutely not full of themselves or holding problematic views of their fellow ladies. Look, I get it; women can get jealous of one another. But this house is full of ladies who completely lack self-awareness or humility, which of course means I’d hate them in real life but cannot wait to watch them on this show.

"So yeah. [REALLY SHOCKINGLY LONG PAUSE] So yeah." —David. Welcome to Big Brother 15 guys!

Deny and deflect when confrontation happens or else karma will come back tenfold. Kind of ironic that the “Mean Girls” are put on the block and “Queen Bee” Aaryn goes from being on the chopping block to winning next week’s HOH. Stop making Nick and you happen GinaMarie. There are way too many references I could go on like a Tina Fey comedy. However it was clear that Kaitlin was going to be sent packing, but it’s Aaryn’s return to power that makes this episode an interesting one.GinaMarie is a very distant thought with these houseguests and it was clear she would be safe. It’s interesting to see that the house it trying to be unanimous in the votes this week on who to evict. I was surprised to see how fast Judd jumped ship with the newly formed alliance. But that’s what floaters do, they jump ship and float to the next person they feel will help them stay in the game. I do give credit to Judd in knowing when an alliance isn’t good and building trust with houseguests he can. Although in the Big Brother house loyalty can change in a blink of an eye. There are definitely two contrasting comparisons as to why Aaryn should go home over Kaitlin and vice versa. As the houseguests have said that they don’t appreciate Aaryns derogatory remarks. But for competitions Kaitlin is the clear threat in the group. Kaitlin having been close to two HOH competitions and winning a POV proves she’s a competitor and their to win. The fact her secretly formed alliance got discovered, Big Brother Season 15 Episode 19 it was clear for Kaitlin to deny and deflect the situation. The situation didn’t seem to be deflected or denied as with the vote being nominated it was clear Kaitlin was a threat and less of a pawn. In the end though, Kaitlin was poised and sincere when talking about the game. She may have felt hurt but knows that it’s a reality TV show.

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